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Elyatel Fast Card 14€

In your home country or on the move, if you suspect that someone could try to locate where you are and spy your communications through your phone, the low-cost Elyatel SmartCard is the perfect and legal answer.

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Elyatel Fast Card is so cheap that you can order one for a one-time travel, use it a few days and throw it away. Your privacy worth it.
You can also order several cards and switch from one card to another on a regular basis for maximum privacy and security.

Our exclusive cloning service will allow you to move from one card to another and keep everything in place (contacts, phone credits, settings, numbers…)

Secured : 100% roaming

Elyatel Fast Card let you use your phone in a roaming (non-trackable mode) everywhere in the World. Don’t play with your privacy, stay under the radar, don’t let your competitors or agencies helping them to track or spy you.

Fill the form below to order one or several Fast Cards. Give us a name and an adress under which we should send the cards. At form reception, we’ll send you a paypal payment link. Cards are sent once the payment has been received. If you want to order by phone, please fill the form on the home page.