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Elyatel Traveller SIM Card 24€

Always on the go? One SIM Card to move all around the world with interesting prices.

Traveller Sim Card let you move anywhere, access to advanded features without the burden to switch every minute between phones and numbers.

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Business oriented

Elyatel Traveller Card is designed for business people. Stop wasting time at the airports buying local unsecure cards, stop switching cards. With our Travellers sim card you can move  and phone everywhere with the same SIM. You can top-up from the internet and master your communications bills.


Elyatel Traveller Card let you use your phone in a roaming (non-trackable mode) everywhere in the World. Don’t play with your privacy, stay under the radar, don’t let your competitors or agencies helping them to track or spy you.

Long life

The life time of our Elyatel Traveller Card is 6 months by default. Most prepaid cards expire after 15 days or one month making you loose the units you’ve not spent, that’s how historic operators earn their money.  With Elyatel, you can also extend the lifetime of your card for 6 months more for only 4€.

Local numbers

Being accessible through local numbers is a key point for business. Thanks to Elyatel and our Traveller Crad, you can choose 3 local numbers from several countries in Europe (or USA) and give those phone numbers to your contacts, even call them on display the number of your choice. Your contacts think your are calling locally even if you are anywhere else in the world.

Fill the form below to order one or several Traveller Cards. Give us a name and an adress under which we should send the cards. At form reception, we’ll send you a paypal payment link. Cards are sent once the payment has been received. If you want to order by phone, please fill the form on the home page.